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  18 février 2016  
Cutler, Aaron, Brooklin Magazine.
Doc Fortnight: The Filmmakers Speak
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The fifteenth edition of Doc Fortnight comes to the Museum of Modern Art this year with an array of twenty programs representing twenty-nine films. The series (previously known as “Documentary Fortnight”) offers a remarkable array of nonfiction filmmaking whose diverse best works are each marked by a perceptive and curious gaze.


Jacques Perconte’s sensorially immersive experimental work Ettrick (screening February 26th and 29th) takes a colorful, highly pixilated journey through a famed Scottish forest. Perconte says, “What first attracted me to this area was its astonishing light. During the month of October, the tall grasses in the valleys are colored with wonderful shades of yellow and green. I started filming without knowing what I wanted and gradually discovered the depth of an environment shaped by human activity. The Ettrick Forest, which I had been told was larger than London, was being torn down and replanted plot by plot. The path through the forest is at times filled with massive trees pressed together such that the sun’s rays can hardly filter through them, and at other times bare save for a few trunks amidst uprooted stumps. I eventually came to understand as well that I had to include the textile industry connected to the nearby River Tweed (one of the purest rivers on Earth) by showing textiles being produced. Images and sounds of landscapes, textiles, and machines are interwoven throughout Ettrick, which continues my artistic interest in building combinations of forms that represent humanity’s relationship with Nature.”

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