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  19 février 2016  
Eagan, Daniel, Film Journal International.
Fifteenth annual Doc Fortnight addresses urgent issues
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This year's edition of Doc Fortnight marks the 15th in the series. Running Feb. 19-29 at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, the series gives viewers the opportunity to see movies by new and veteran filmmakers from around the world. Organized by Sally Berger, assistant curator at the Department of Film, with David Neary, festival liaison, Doc Fortnight 2016 will be screening 20 features and nine shorts, several of them receiving world premieres.


Some of the Doc Fortnight entries link back to earlier documentary traditions. La France est notre patrie uses a mocking tone to reveal the political ideologies behind travelogues, for example.

 (Feb. 26 and 29) looks back to the nature films of the 1930s by artists like Ralph Steiner, whose 1929 short H2Oturned rain, streams and harbors into abstract patterns. Director Jacques Perconte does the same to landscapes of Scotland, transforming moors and highlands through digital effects into abstractions that resemble Impressionistic paintings, computer landscapes, even tweeds. Even fabric evolves into something new, as Perconte shows in mill factory footage. Disorienting, hallucinatory, Ettrick suggests a visit to another planet, or perception through alien senses—challenging the limits and meanings of the term "documentary."

Perconte's movie is showing with the world premiere of an extended version of Scrumped, which uses shifting focus and chanting to examine a Buddhist temple in South Korea. Director Seoungho Cho
and Perconte will talk about their works after the screenings.

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