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  1 mai 2019  
Warne, Vincent, Film Comment.
Jacques Perconte: “Corps” & “Paysages
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FOR OVER 20 YEARS, Jacques Perconte has been remapping the bound­aries of digital cinema. His methods expose an aspect of filmmaking that usually remains hidden--compression and decompression, the codecs that convert raw sensor data into recognizable images. Using a homespun recipe of algorithms and code, Perconte breaks and reshapes video files, stretching pixels like taffy into colorful textt1ral compositions simttltaneously quotidian and transcendent. In two col­lections containing seven films-"Corps" (Bodies) and "Paysages" (Landscapes)-Re:Voir's new releases are a worthy introdt1ction to some of his greatest work. SNSZ (2002) turns writhing bodies into illegible red specters; Impressions (2012) frames the landscape tradi­tion as a battle between ecology and indt1stry; the 2010 knockout Après le feu (recently sampled in Godard's The Image Book) trans­forms a rural train ride into a fat1vist inferno. A bonus doct1men­tary by Pip Chodorov and 44-page booklet illuminate the painterly techniqt1es of Perconte, digital impressionist.-VINCENT WARNE

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