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  10 avril 2023  
Phipps, Megan, Millennium Film Journal.
Circuit-bending Psychedelic Transcendentalism
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# 43 by Joost Rekveld & Avant l'effondrement du Mont Blanc by Jacques Perconte 

Circuit-bending is a practice of modifying the workings of eleccronic devices, synthesizers, instruments, and visual technologies. Arrists who circuir-bend moving images tend co expose the unexamined technical functions embedded with.in them. ln Expmuud Cinema (1970), Gene Youngblood describes these practices as giving rise co a "cosmic consciousness/' which reaches weU beyond common sense and ics spatio-temporaJ parameters. Youngblood suggesrs the emergence of a k.ind of mysticism, what T call "psychedelic transcendentalism"' -a bending of moving image technologies with an eye to nature, to religious association, to ricual practice, and to the growing use of psychoactive substances. Joost Rekveld and Jacques Perconce are rwo conrernpora.ry fiJmmakers whose work can be undersrood within the circuic-bending lîneage, with profound implications for cinema and ecological discourse. 


From Millennium Film Journal, no. 77 (2023): 64-71. A brief discussion of my theory 'Circuit-bending Psychedelic Transcendentalism' as an aesthetic style exemplified in moving-image artworks by Jacques Perconte and Joost Rekveld. 

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